Over the past 10 years Badgelink have created over 500,000 personalised name badges for clients across the Country and overseas. We have created badges for all industries and have found that certain industries have certain requirements. It’s not all the same, but mostly.

We’ve created a set of pages based on the industry you are in that can hopefully narrow down your search for the perfect badge. We can always custom make your name badges, so please contact us should you have any questions.

School name badges

School Name Badges

Cultivating a sense of belonging and security amungst the school community

Nurse name badges

Nurse Name Badges

Build trust with our specialty name badges for nurses and Healthcare

Corporate name badges

Corporate Name Badges

To complete your corporate image with quality branding and corporate pricing

Real Estate Name Badges

Real Estate Name Badges

Enhance your agencies professional image with these stunning new name badges.

Accommodation  Name Badges

Accommodation Name Badges

Our range of specialty name badges for the accommodation industry

Club Name Badges

Club, Restaurant and Cafe Name Badges

Complete The look of your staff with professionally designed and durable name badges.