Reuben – the smallest gestures

By November 4, 2016 2 Comments


Sometimes the smallest of gestures can make all the difference.

Last week we received an order from Justine for a badge for her son Reuben. He has autism and has started kindergarten this year and is totally obsessed with magnetic name badges.

I was so touched that she would do such a nice thing for her son and with all the challenges she must face each day, I thought it might be nice to offer her some extra free magnetic name badges with pictures of his favourite characters. I just wanted to, hopefully, make Justine and Reuben’s day a little brighter. In my mind, it was a small gesture, but the impact of this just blew me away.

Justine was so touched that I would do this for her. The email I got back was “Wow your email brought me to tears…you are so very kind and thoughtful!” . “You have made my year, truly ?”.

I made her year… Made her year!!!! Our business makes over 40,000 badges a year and sending her son 7 badges has made her year. Amazing how one small gesture can make such an impact.

So when her badges arrived she put all 7 badges on Reuben and sent through a couple of images with this message “Thank you so very much for the 7 amazing badges! They arrived Tuesday afternoon…Reuben loves them and mummy has to wear some of them too!” “He is a very happy little boy!”

To Reuben and Justine, thank you for reminding me that, after 10 years of creating badges for so many people, it’s the little things that we do makes all the difference.

Have a great day. Mine is already great just looking at his little face!


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